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  Purpose and Vision:
Explore SAE is an online resource for agriculture students and teachers alike. Our vision is to...
(1) Provide quality exploration tools for agriculture students engaged in outside-of-class, real-world environment experiential learning opportunities, otherwise known as Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE).
(2) Offer educational resources to assist agriculture instructors in connecting student interest to SAE opportunity.

The Partners:
The Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET) team believes agricultural educators can benefit from new resources to share SAE opportunities with students. To accomplish this effort and to share with a national audience, the following partners became involved with the Explore SAE project:

AET The AET is an online record system that assists students in tracking experiences in agricultural education, FFA and SAE activities. Instructors have access to student reports for grading, reports to measure program involvement and resources to support classroom education.
IMS For the past 50 years, Texas A&M University Instructional Materials Service (IMS) has developed standards-based curriculum and provided teachers with educational resources for the classroom, FFA and SAE.
TEA The mission of the Texas Education Agency is to provide leadership, guidance and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students.


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